70 year old iron man

We recently sat down with a 70 year old iron man athlete. His name is Bruce, he ran his first marathon at 40 years old and never looked back. We wanted to share with our readers this story of inspiration and courage that we think is pretty amazing and might inspire some of our older readers that are making excuses while they can’t push their physical limits. What we really thought was cool is that Bruce uses very similar training methods as we discusses in our articles about training for 5k and 10k for the running parts of his iron man races.

Bruce was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona which is where he currently still resides. He actually did the pancake run in Scottsdale, Arizona as one of his first 5K races! Bruce started a carpet cleaning business in his late twenties that he eventually grew into a high 6-figure business. When he was in his late 30’s he realized he had spent that last ten plus years working so much that he hadn’t been taking care of himself physically and wanted to start exercising on a regular basis. Bruce set a goal to be able to run in a 5K race in 3 months so he started running everyday, steadily building up his endurance. After 3 months of training, Bruce ran his first 5K race in just under one hour! After that, Bruce kept consistently running everyday and conditioning his body. Bruce eventually went on to race in a full marathon and win. After that Bruce wanted to take the next step in competing and decided to do a mini-iron-man race. After eventually winning the mini-iron-man at 50 years old. Fast forward 20 years and Bruce is now 70 years old and still competing in iron man competitions. Bruce actually made it to the iron man championships in Hawaii 8 times throughout his career. We hope this story inspires you and helps you understand that you can enjoy marathon running or any other type of competition for a long, long time. If you know any one else whose pushed their physical limits and has an inspiring story, please send it to us here. We know Bruce has changed the way we think about our age and running races, and we hope he’s done the same for you.

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